Live independently safer and longer with our virtual home partner

Do you keep a spare key with a neighbor or family member "just in case?"

Your home, your life, safely guarded.

Feel protected and connected whether home or away.

The gift of instant notice saves you money and brings greater peace of mind.

Watch everyone's worries fade away

Age@Home only tells my family what I want them to know, when I want them to know it. I feel my home and wellbeing are protected, and my privacy is honored.

Shelley (69 years)

As a teacher, I am busy nonstop until 4pm. Age@Home gives me the reassurance that Dad is up and moving. I no longer panic in the middle of the day thinking about worst case scenarios.

Marissa (46 years)

Age@Home has been a positive family experience, giving my mom the continued joy of her home and us peace of mind without sacrificing privacy. She's independent but not alone.

Steve (54 years)


Easy to install

Age@Home automatically connects to sensors placed discretely throughout your home, an all-in-one package. There are no devices to be worn in-home.

Private to you

Age@Home is on-site in your home. Notifications are encrypted and private to you and your trusted circle.

Simple to use

Install the Age@Home app and customize settings with one click. Live life as usual and enjoy greater peace of mind for all.