What does it tell me?

Age@Home is your safety net when someone is not there to help.

We know that immediate help can make all the difference.  Age@Home partners with you to look out for emergencies as defined by you. Trusted allies are seamlessly notified so minor accidents don't turn into major issues.

Young at Heart Module

Even if you don't think you need help yet, the initial Young at Heart Module is for you. It focuses on enhancing safety and comfort at home, so you live independently safer and longer. This package provides reassurance, using the most basic set of home sensors.

We deliver more privacy and control.

Age@Home includes a private, mini in-home computer that keeps your data safe in your home. Your data stays and only encrypted notifications are sent to our app to maximize your privacy. Unlike our competitors, you control what constitutes an emergency and the flow of information.

We evolve with you.

As your home and situation changes, Age@Home will be there for you.  Our goal is support you as you live independently. Our future modules are created to assist you as you age in place.