How does it work?

Sense, Understand, Plan, Respond

Age@Home is a secure, private, and smart personal assistant that monitors the smart home, understands activities of daily living, and provides actionable notifications.

Using open standards and consuming and providing open source software, Age@Home delivers simplified multi-platform integration for Apple, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Enphase, Shelly, Reolink, Aquara, and many, many, other vendors. 

A local, on-premise, computer collects, analyzes, differentiates, schedules, and acts on the data provided by the smart devices; identifying both alarms, e.g. water detected or low battery, as well as activities, e.g. walking or stationary.  In addition, AI inferencing provides abnormal inactivity detection compared to historical probability.

Local AI's may also detect people, faces, vehicles, license plates, and specific activities, e.g. cooking, when appropriate sensors are available.

Device categories include motion, occupancy, presense, vibration, opening (door/window), battery (level & charging), gas, moisture, temperature, energy, power, voltage, and others.  Devices are monitored for availability and connectivity.

The open-source software for the on-premise Age@Home is based on the #1 open-source home-automation package: Home-Assistant.  This local system operates independently from the Internet and may be configured with battery and network backup options.  See for our open-source repositories and find details on Home-Assistant at

Notifications may be delivered through smart-speakers and be sent for delivery to SMS, plain-old telephone system, our smartphone app, or through a standard Web page with automated controls for designated and appropriate recipients (e.g. spouse, child, neighbor, service provider, ...)


Our unique approach is counter to many of our competitors. We built this platform for YOU and in your best interests. Age@Home gives you these key benefits:

  • CONTROL: You have the option to 1) define emergencies 2) choose trusted allies for quick help and 2) dismiss false alarms.
  • PRIVACY: Age@Home understands, predicts, and acts locally so your data does not leave your home. All data is encrypted and you opt-in to sharing any information.
  • SAVE TIME: Age@Home seamlessly alerts trusted allies via our app, so you get the right expertise in a timely manner. Don't allow minor accidents to lead to major issues.
  • EVERGREEN: Age@Home is device agnostic which means many branded smart sensors in the marketplace are compatible, perhaps ones you already own, including over 1,000 open source network devices.
  • FLEXIBLE: Knowing aging is a journey, our offering evolves as your needs change. Add-on modules and additional sensors, like smart scales, lights or watches, to gain insights into sleep, nutrition, movement, and more, when the time comes to protect the senior aging in place.

 Welcome to greater peace of mind.